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A set of five bottles is especially recommended as an effective treatment for different types of baldness and other scalp disorders. We present you one package as a gift. Five bottles of Kamiwaza could last for about 4 months treatment. It is long enough to observe positive results.

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Kamiwaza is a combination of a traditional herbal knowledge with Japanese biotechnology. Through a proper extraction of bio-active plant-based substances, we are able to bring forth the best plant properties onto scalp. Kamiwaza is 100% natural cosmetic with a safe recipe that provides impressive effects.

Kamiwaza means divine, extraordinary hair.

Capacity : 95 ml
Weight: 0.16 kg



The Kamiwaza’s secret lies in the combination of four plants – beech, birch, burdock, nettle, which since centuries have been famous for a favorable impact onto hair and scalp. The right concentration and proportion of high quality of herbal extracts are in charge of the product effectiveness.

Composition: (INCI) Aqua, Fagus Sylvatica Robour Extract, Betula Folii Succus, Arctium Tomentosum Herb Succus, Urtica Dioica Herb Succus, Phenoxyethanol, Ethylhexylglicerin

The extraxt from beech bark contains phenolic compounds. it supports a hair follicle’s function. The extract from birch leaves contains  flavonoids, tannins and saponins, it functions as sebum regulator and prevent hair from it loss. Burdock sap contains polyacetylene compounds, essential oils, sterols, inulin. It increases scalp cell function. Nettle sap contains Chlorophylls a and b, xanthophylls, beta-carotene, vitamin K groups, it has favorable influence onto hair structure that balances sebum release.


Directions for use

Apply product by spreading a small amount over a scalp. Using fingertips rub it gently into the skin. Do not rinse. One package contains 95 ml and lasts for 3-4 weeks of usage.


How it works

Nowadays we are aware of our hair condition, it depends on some factors, connected to one another, such as genetic predispositions, nutrition, food and environment contamination (water, air pollution), medications side effects, type of job, psychical tension. All together they cause releasing excessive amount of free radicals in cells, so that it leads to disorder of correct pro-oxidation-antioxidant balance, in other way it leads to oxidant stress.

An excess of free oxygen radicals have a destructive influence onto hair follicle cells that cause protein damage of cell membrane, intracellular structural proteins and enzymatic and DNA. Depending on an intensification of destructive processes, what takes place is an activity dilution of hair follicle cells, and then its necrosis.If too many cells in hair follicle disappear, it will completely lose the ability to create new hair.

Cell regeneration process can be stimulated effectively by using appropriately selected herbal substances. Their function is to stimulate chemical reactions, leading to an anti-stress protein synthesis.


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