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Since 2005 We have been creating high quality cosmetics that fuse a power of natural herbal recipes with a knowledge about the newest biotechnological researches. To our mind what gives a cosmetic quality evidence is not only high quality components but also its combination, to make right absorption and high efficiency.

Ayla Biolabs is a family manufacture of natural cosmetics. It is been 10 years we have combined traditional herbal recipes with an advanced medical knowledge, creating products of the extraordinary efficiency.

To our mind the power of cosmetics does not lies in mixing countless amount of ingredients, giving illusionary of a rich recipe. In contrary, our product efficiency is the effect of the right combination, in the right proportion and concentration, carefully selected components.

Tuning into nature and following the statement: “less means more”, we create recipes with no additives no necessary “fillers” ” and chemical improvers, just only bringing a short term effect. Thanks to the fact, our cosmetics are marked by the high absorption, as a consequence – the impressive effectiveness.

We reject any “miraculous” marketing slogans, any invasive cosmetic and plastic surgical treatments. At the same time, we try to face, to cope with health problems of the contemporary civilization. Our cosmetics will help you taking care of health and beauty on daily basis.

We are open to share our knowledge and experience with you. Do you have any questions? Drop a line – write to us.



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